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2-03-2004 - Formula one: The ice man cometh, fast and Finnish
Kimi Raikkonen appears a little underdressed when he is not wearing his new McLaren MP4-19. In mufti he is about as exciting as the drizzle-damp Woking afternoon.
27-02-2004 - Obituary: Bob Marshall, Australia"s world master of amateur billiards
Bob Marshall, arguably the finest amateur in the history of billiards, whose extraordinary career brought him two empire, two world and 21 Australian amateur titles, has died at the age of 93. His championships spanned half a century, albeit interrupted by two retirements of five and 15 years. They began with his Australian and empire wins in 1936, at the age of 26, and went on until his 21st Australian title, at the age of 76.
25-02-2004 - Cricket: Quicks hold Caribbean key
The rain that swashed down on the England team"s hotel here yesterday afternoon may be a world away from the weather they will anticipate when they land in Jamaica late this evening. But it did little to dampen the enthusiasm or optimism.
24-02-2004 - Horse racing: McCoy back in the saddle tomorrow
The champion jump jockey Tony McCoy is to return to action at Ludlow tomorrow, just nine days after fracturing his cheekbone in three places.
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Outdoor Activities // Earth // Billiards // Rules // General Billiards Rules
General Billiards Rules

These general rules apply to all pocket billiard games, unless specifically noted to the contrary in the individual game rules.

Outdoor Activities // Mountains // Mountaineering // Training For Mountaineering // Rock Climbing and Risk
Rock Climbing and Risk

Rock climbing tends to be viewed by non-climbers as some "out there" extreme activity involving some dude, or dudette, with a chronic death wish dangling hundreds of feet above a mortal drop.

Outdoor Activities // Earth // Equestrian Sport // Breeds of Horses // Don Horse
Don Horse

The Don Horse, the oldest continuously bred Russian riding horse, traces its origins back over 200 years to the steppes of Southern Russia. The powerful Don River gave its name to the grassy, treeless plains that bordered and fed it, to the Cossacks who inhabited the area and to the remarkable breed of horse.

Outdoor Activities // Earth // Equestrian Sport
Equestrian Sport

A better understanding of a horse"s mind can lead to more effective training methods. If everybody knew that horses learn by association, no horse would ever be whipped again; and if every rider understood that herd instinct of the horse, more time and patience would be given to timid horses.

Outdoor Activities // Earth // Paintball // Basic Rules of Paintball - General Rules
Basic Rules of Paintball - General Rules

A minimum of one person is designated as the Referee for each Paintball game. The Referee will be the one who starts the game, stops the game for paint checks, decides the issues that may arise and who ends the game. The Referee should have a whistle for signaling the start, stopping and ending of the game. As with all games, it does not pay to contradict the decisions of the referee, decisions by referees and judges are final and unarguable.

Outdoor Activities // Mountains // Mountaineering

Climbing requires strength & endurance. Being in sound physical condition is the single most important aspect for climbers to maximize their climbing potential. The better your physical condition, the more likely you are to perform well and have an enjoyable experience. The most frequent comment we have received over the years is that climbers have underestimated the fitness level needed to fully enjoy their climb.

Outdoor Activities // Air // Paragliding // How To Choose Your First Glider // What to consider when buying your own wing
What to consider when buying your own wing

While selecting a glider it is advisable to Judge one"s own level of flying or simply follow the school"s recommendations Most students buy used equipment from the school, and then trade up to a new, higher performance canopy, after a year or two in the sport.

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