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  Pro Tips

Pro tips Go to your local snowboard shop and get setup with the right gear, which is, of course, Burton!
 Get good boots that fit right. This is the most important piece of equipment. It is the connection from your body to the board. Make sure your boots are snug enough not to allow any heel lift, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable.
 Start on an easy, moderately sloped run. Don't be too much in a hurry to jump on a quad to the top, it's a a long run to the bottom if you can't turn! Wear a helmet and maybe knee pads and wrist guards if you're concerned about injury.
 Warm up a bit before you slip on your boots, followed by a few minutes of stretching.
 Get a lesson. Guys... don't try to teach your girlfriend.
 Go to the top of the mountain and look for a run called "The Wall" (... just kidding)
 The first day can be frustrating. Give yourself three days before you think about giving up. After three days, you'll be ripping like a pro!

Advanced snowboarding tips

Keep your board under your feet
 Initiate your turns with your lower body, i.e. ankles, knees and hips. Try not to start your turns by rotating your upper body.
 Work on being a versatile rider. Ride fakie, do 360's while riding, nose wheelies, etc. All of these skills will improve your balance and prepare you for future difficult landings.
 Constantly try new things, new tricks, and different grabs. Be innovative and creative... that's what makes snowboarding fun; you are an artist.
 Spend the whole day on the beginner slope. You would be amazed how fast you will improve
 Watch and learn. There are so many ripping riders out there. Try to understand the new maneuvers... visualize yourself doing it and then give it a try!
 Keep your board in good shape. Wax your board regularly and get a good grind.
 Maintain your physical conditioning. The stronger your physical

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