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  Bungee Jumping


Otherwise known as the "quickest personal growth experience ever", bungee jumping gives you the opportunity to feel fresh, rushing, cold air against your entire body and not get arrested for it!

It all started in a small village on the island of Pentecost, Vanuatu, where a mysterious ritual had been going on for hundreds of years. The men of the village, attempting to appease the Gods of agriculture, used to experiment with gravity and leap a full 35 metres towards the ground with nothing but a bunch of vines tied to one of their ankles. The practice was meant to prove their manhood as well as ensuring a bountiful harvest of yams.

This ritual has now evolved into a major, worldwide thrill-sport, thanks to two Kiwi entrepreneurs, A J Hackett and Henry Van Asch, who in the eighties, decided to go commercial in Queenstown. Bungy Jumping, as it is now known, exploits our natural fear of falling to give us the rush of a lifetime. Now using rubber cords instead of vines, it is possible for anyone of any age to hurl themselves from practically anywhere, from rail viaducts and disused bridges to stadium roofs and even helicopters!

If bouncing off the side of a bridge alone isn't enough to get your adrenalin pumping, there are other exciting possibilities. You can plummet into a virtual abyss of blackness under the starry sky in a fly-by-night jump. Still not enough? Well, you can get the slam-dunk of a lifetime by having a part of your body baptised by the rushing waters of the river below.
With New Zealand being the home of bungy jumping, we offer the most professional, safe and pleasurable jumping experience all throughout the country, notably in Taupo and Queenstown. So make like a lemming and get a natural high with this country's national thrill-sport!

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