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  Bungee Jump Vacations - Part 3

African Extreme, Zimbabwe/Zambia border

Take the 341-foot plunge from Victoria Falls Bridge, which lies in the "no man's land" between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Jumpers and spectators must indicate that they are only proceeding onto the bridge and that they will be returning via the same border post. You must have your passport with you and set aside 45 minutes for walking and customs formalities -- this may all sound like a hassle, but once you get there, you'll realize that it's worth the wait.

Claim to fame: The bridge offers one of the highest commercial bungee jumps in the world, while the location's beauty is hard to beat.

Over the Edge Bungee, Inc., Idaho

This company organizes bridge jumps throughout the Western states, including Idaho, Wyoming and Arizona. However, it also organizes "heli-bungee"; yep, bungee jumping from a helicopter where brave souls can throw themselves from a helicopter hovering 1,200 feet in the air on a 500-foot cord.

Claim to fame: The crew is among the most experienced in the world, having accomplished many innovative feats, such as a nationally-televised world-record head dip from 386 feet, as well as 12-foot wide crack jumps.

007 Bungy Jumping Center, Ticino, Switzerland

At 722 feet, the jump along the wall of the Verzasca dam is the highest in the world. It has also become the most famous since James Bond took the plunge at this location in GoldenEye. Although Trekking Team has been organizing unique adventure events since 1988, they have been attracting enormous crowds since lavish facilities were built and inaugurated in 1996 for Bond's jump. However, not everyone has the guts to perform this jump, which takes a full 7.5 seconds to the lowest point.

Claim to fame: A nationwide poll in the UK deemed "The GoldenEye" the best movie stunt of all time.

honorable mention

Face Adrenalin, South Africa

At 708 feet, the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Tsitsikamma Forest in the heart of the Garden Route. If the Bloukrans is too much for you, try the Gouritz River Bridge, which offers a more modest 213-foot jump. From the Gouritz, you can try the "bridge swing" (free-fall followed by a long, high-speed pendulum swing) and tandem jumps.

Claim to fame: The incredible scenery amid the Bloukrans jump.

just do it...
With so many amazing bungee jumping locations around the world, it's time to stop making excuses; just go for it! The adrenaline rush you'll experience will undoubtedly turn you into an instant addict. If not, you can always try safer sports such as bowling or billiards...

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