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  Golf Balance

Having the perfect stance is one of the most important parts of playing a great golf game. Do you know where you stand?

To create a golf swing that produces consistency and power, you must maintain balance throughout the entire swing. The key to achieving balance is to set yourself up with your weight centered over the balls of your feet. By doing this, you have set your legs up to feel lively and ready for action.


Many golfers make the mistake of setting up with their weight on their heels, thereby locking their lower bodies into a stationary position, not ready to make an athletic move.

Here is how to find your proper balance point: standing tall with your feet spread apart shoulder width, bend forward at the hip joint and allow your rear to move slightly back. At this point, your knees may be slightly locked. Now flex the knees slightly; this will allow your hands to hang under your chin and place your weight naturally onto the balls of your feet.

Where you bend is crucial to finding your balance. It is not a feeling of sitting down on a barstool; this would cause the weight to move back onto your heels. Practice finding your balance just a couple of minutes a day and it will start feeling very natural.

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