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  Equestrian Sport

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Facts of Horses
Breeds of Horses

A better understanding of a horse"s mind can lead to more effective training methods. If everybody knew that horses learn by association, no horse would ever be whipped again; and if every rider understood that herd instinct of the horse, more time and patience would be given to timid horses.

   -  Feeding Horses
   -  Grooming Kit
   -  Is Your Horse Afraid To Smile?
   -  Is Your Horse Afraid To Smile? Other Occurrences in the Mouth
   -  How to Choose a Qualified Equine Dentist


The Cleveland Bay is the only British clean legged breed of horse and originated in the Cleveland area of the North Riding of Yorkshire. It is noted for stamina and even temperament and was originally used as a pack horse to carry the coal, iron ore and alum from the moors down to the coast.

   -  Percheron Horse
   -  Cleveland Bay Horse
   -  The Anglo Arab
   -  The Akhal-Teke
   -  Arab Horse


Tips for beginners - Achieving the seat

A truly good seat includes the head, shoulders, arms, back, legs, bottom, and crotch. It does not only refer to the triangular base of support under the body.

   -  Classical seat
   -  Boost your confidence
   -  How to choose the pefect horse saddle


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