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  The Anglo Arab

Mix two of the world's finest breeds, the Arab and the English Thoroughbred, and you get the exquisite and versatile Anglo-Arab.
The profile is straighter than that of the Arab, tapering off to well-opened nostrils. Like the Arab, is has an elegant head, with a broad forehead and bold, alert eyes. The neck is long and set onto strong, sloping shoulders and the back is muscular. The tail is carried proudly and set high. With its long legs and well-shaped feet, the Anglo-Arab moves lightly and gracefully.
The more usual breeding is by the Arab horse on the Thoroughbred mare, and weather this or the reverse breeding be the case, it can well be understood that the result is a horse of outstanding quality, always supposing that the sire and dam are typical specimens of their respective breeds.
It is noticeable, however, that whereas one specimen will be strongly Arab, the other may be strongly Thoroughbred. No certainty of height can be looked for, it will probably somewhere in height between the sire and dam. The height could probably be between 15.3 and 16.3hh, but some may be smaller.
The Anglo-Arab is a versatile horse, being used successfully in showing, show jumping, dressage and endurance. This breed is willing and very intelligent and possesses soundness, stamina and speed.

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