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Kite flying is one of the oldest past-times known to man, dating back thousands of years to ancient days of yore when men were men, women were women and you couldn"t get hold of a decent carbon fibre rod or lightweight, zero-stretch, airtight fabric for love nor money (which hadn"t yet been invented).

   -  Kite Flying
   -  Specific Kites


If you want to start freeflying, most people will give the same advice: master head-up flying first. Head-up is initially easier than head-down as there are no orientation problems and most FS jumpers have tried it before.

   -  Head-up Flying For Beginners
   -  The Cultural Meaning of Freeflight
   -  Flying School
   -  Fun Jumps - Making the Most of Your Skydive
   -  Skydiving From Space


Base Jumping

Although often thought of as a newcomer to aviation, hang gliding is actually among the oldest forms of human flight. Before the airplane, the first successful emulation of the birds involved running down a hill with a light weight glider, taking off into the air and gliding down. Otto Lilienthal was the most successful early aviator, and made more than two thousand successful gliding flights in the late 1800"s.

   -  A Brief History Of Hang Gliding, Paragliding, and Wills Wing
   -  How To Choose Your First Glider
   -  Speed Bar Tips


BASE jumping is an off shoot from the adrenaline pumping sport, Parachuting. It differs in that the height at which the BASE jumper takes his leap is much shorter. Between the time the jumper steps off the launch point to the time he throws the hand-held pilot chute is only three seconds. The shortest three seconds of the Base Jumpers life. Following the jump, skill is then needed to fly the chute and land without getting hurt.

   -  The basics of base jumping
   -  Rules of the Air
   -  BASE Jumping ETHICS
   -  Equipment Overview - With all that Out of the Way...
   -  Protect your body


Bangee Jumping

It all started in a small village on the island of Pentecost, Vanuatu, where a mysterious ritual had been going on for hundreds of years. The men of the village, attempting to appease the Gods of agriculture, used to experiment with gravity and leap a full 35 metres towards the ground with nothing but a bunch of vines tied to one of their ankles. The practice was meant to prove their manhood as well as ensuring a bountiful harvest of yams.

   -  Bungee Jumping
   -  Keeping the reins on bungee jumping
   -  Bungee Jump Vacations