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  Why Dive?


Land is where we human beings are accustomed to being. And because we are here everyday, we have come to like having our feet firmly planted on the ground with our heads up and our hair dry. We breathe through our noses and speak words. We communicate through gestures and body language, facial expressions and stories. We listen to and play music. We read books and go to parties. We go where our automobiles and gas supplies allow us. We are limited only by our imagination and resources. What we know has become home; it is our comfort zone.
So why scuba dive when the possibilities on land seem endless? Have you heard the saying "Nothing ventured, nothing gained?" With regard to the ocean and her many underlying secrets, this could not be closer to the truth. Know that "when you stand on shore, and look out to sea, somehow you know that a different world lies out there!"
While exploring outer space is not within the realm of possibilities for most of us, exploring "Inner Space" is. When you leave the warmth and security of home on land to become a scuba diver, you discover the beauty of the underwater world and the friendliness, curiosity, and hostility of its many and varied inhabitants.
Scuba divers sometimes feel sorry for the land-locked human soul who believes that our wondrous blue planet is a mysterious, never-never land hiding immeasurable dangers and frightening sea monsters. As a diver, you learn of the sea and her inhabitants. You learn that the most dangerous mistake a diver can make is ignore the seemingly trivial aspects of the underwater world. To a large degree, each of us is dependent upon that watery environment.
Fortunately, we cannot change it, but if we study the sea and all her creatures, they, in turn, will respect us. We respect only that which we understand. We understand only that which we know. We know only that which we take the time to learn.

Scuba in Aruba
Virgin Shipwreck Diving -The Chikuzen

Perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, shimmering seas, duty-free shopping, and friendly Dutch West Indies hosts shouting "Bon Bini" (welcome) will greet you upon arrival in Aruba. Whether you come by air or sea, Aruba will capture your heart as you experience friendly hospitality in the hotels, restaurants, casinos, and shops throughout the island.


A great dive in average conditions, and a world-class dive in good conditions, this maverick shipwreck down since 1981, holds a special allure for wreck diving fans. The 246-foot refrigeration vessel originally built in Shimizu, Japan, was part of the fishing fleet on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.


Wrecks in the wrong place - The wreck of the Maidan

One of the wrecks to cause the most interest since the discovery of the Rosalie Moller is the Madian; official reports put her on Rocky Island, in Southern Egypt, near the Sudanese border. Ironically I had found the wreck several years ago; but failed to recognise her as the Maidan.