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What is Paintball?
Basic Rules of Paintball - General Rules

Paintball is somewhat like war except in war when you get shot or hit by a grenade or bullet it hurts just a little more. The strategy is really important. Many paintball games are modeled after real wars or battles.

   -  Paintball Games


A minimum of one person is designated as the Referee for each Paintball game. The Referee will be the one who starts the game, stops the game for paint checks, decides the issues that may arise and who ends the game. The Referee should have a whistle for signaling the start, stopping and ending of the game. As with all games, it does not pay to contradict the decisions of the referee, decisions by referees and judges are final and unarguable.

   -  Basic Rules of Paintball - Safety Rules


What Should I Buy?

Forget the gun for a while. The most important piece of paintball equipment you will ever buy is your GOGGLES. Repeat that 10 times. GOGGLES, GOGGLES, GOGGLES...

   -  Paintball Glossary


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