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  Kite Flying - Tips for Beginners

Getting Started
kiting 4

This sport may be intimidating for the non Watersport people out there. If you are already use to other board sports (windsurfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing) it can be an easy transition.

For all beginners there are four recommended stages to getting started:

1. Take a lesson and/or watch and study a safety instruction video.

2. Start on land by learning how to control and maneuver a training kite or stunt kite properly.

3. Still on land, rig up the actual kite on the beach and practice launching the kite in the neutral zone, then practice in waist deep water taking the control bar in and out of the harness.

4. Go for numerous down-wind body drags. Maintaining the kite in neutral position, practice in chest-high waters.


5.Take to the water with the board in a good 10 - 14 knot side shore wind and body drag out a bit from the shore

6. Grab a foot strap and stick your foot in the other strap while flying the kite "hooked in" with one hand.

7. Lean back and get in the other strap.

8. Take the kite up and angle the board across the wind. Power stroke the kite.

9. Edge hard and stand up slowly, you should be planning before your fully upright.

10. Carve away from the kite before you need to turn it, this will keep the tention in the lines.

11. Lean back, edge with your heel side and straighten out your front leg and bend you back leg slightly, keep a bit of give in your legs and RELAX.

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