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  Wind Chart

Beaufort Number Beaufort Description Wind speed (mph) Visual signs to look for - on land Visual signs to look for - at sea General effect on kites and flying
0Calm < 1 Smoke rises vertically. Sea like a mirror. Kites only fly with assistance.
1Light Air 1 - 3 Smoke drifts. Ripples. Only suitable for light-weight or large power kites.
2Light Breeze 4 - 7 Leaves rustle, wind felt on face. Small wavelets with glassy crests. Good wind for experienced fliers.
3Gentle Breeze 8 - 12 Small twigs move constantly, flags flap. Large wavelets, crests begin to break. Excellent wind for all.
4Moderate Breeze 13 - 18 Dust and loose paper move. Branches move. Small waves, some white horses. Better for medium sized kites.
5Fresh Breeze 19 - 24Small trees and large branches sway. Moderate waves, many white horses. Breakages can occur to larger kites and lines.
6Strong Breeze 25 - 31Large branches move. Wind whistles around wires. Large waves, some spray. Limit for most fixed wing kites. Care needed.
7Near Gale 32 - 38Whole trees move. Sea mounts, foam blown in streaks. Power kite only with experience. Much care required.
8Gale>38Whole trees move and some. Sea mounts, foam blown in streaksGo to Pub.

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