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Snowboarding is a unique sport that requires a diverse number of basic skills to be truly successful. The fundamental skills include power, coordination, and stamina. While these skills comprise the major components of snowboarding success. They must all be pursued with the same commitment. Insufficient aptitude in any one area will cause you to come up short of your goal.

Similarly, overemphasis on your strength(s) at the expense of attention to improving the weak component(s) may also lead to disappointing results. Champion success comes from developing the complete package - power, coordination, and stamina.

What does power mean to you? For me, pure power is the ability to get my muscles to generate the most energy from the snowboard, creating rocket-fast speed in every turn! I perform an intense power phase throughout the summer focusing on basic strength in the weight room, explosive weightlifting, plyometrics (jumping exercises), and sprinting.


Power without coordination is like a bull in a china shop. You're just asking for disaster. To harness my power in a coordinated fashion, I do a variety of complimentary activities to enhance my agility and balance on the snow. Some of my favorites include: kiteboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. This is an easy category for me. It's all the things I love to do anyhow!


Power and coordination are important ingredients, but without stamina and cardiovascular conditioning you'll run out of gas and you're a done deal. It is impossible to endure a long training day of ten to fifteen runs, and more importantly, advance eight heats to a parallel GS final and get the job done without aerobic strength. In the summer I spend a few days a week on my mountain bike and run regularly in the winter.

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