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The Azteca is the National Horse of Mexico and is the first breed to be developed in Mexico. Until recently the majority of horses in Mexico were descendants of Spanish horses, such as the Galiceсo, or imports from Spain or Portugal. The Spanish horse has always been favored in Mexico and the Andalusian was the foundation of the new breed.

The Azteca horse was developed in Mexico in 1972 by combining the best traits of Andalusian, Quarter Horse, and Criollo bloodlines. A phenotype was created and all Azteca horses must conform sufficiently to the phenotype. Azteca horses must not have more than three-quarters of the blood of any one of the three foundation breeds.

The Azteca is an attractive warmblood horse, found in all horse colors, only solid colors are permitted. The head is lean, elegant and aristocratic with a straight or convex profile, expressive and intelligent eyes and small, pricked ears. The neck is well muscled and slightly arched. The withers are high; the back is fairly short and straight; the croup is broad and well rounded; the chest is deep and broad and the shoulders long and sloping. The legs are well muscled and the feet are hard and well proportioned. The main and tail are long and flowing with a medium low tail set. The male Azteca stands between 15 to 16.1 hands while the mare stands between 14.3 to 16 hands.

The Azteca is a very versatile high performance horse. It excels at activities that require intelligence, spirit, agility, power, strength, elegance and style. The Azteca is accomplished at Classical riding (alta escuela, haute ecole, high school), doma vaquera, la garrocha, dressage, bull fighting (rejoneo), reining, cutting, team penning, cattle roping, polo and pleasure riding.

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