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  Pool School

In billiards, as in any other sport, the ability to do the spectacular comes only after one has practiced and mastered the basic fundamentals of the game. What separates the good from the great is often more a matter of the time one has devoted to mastering the basics, than due to major differences in athletic ability.

Pool, in many ways, is like the game of golf, where professionals routinely strike unbelievable shots. Just as champion pool players routinely run racks, while beginners-even those blessed with immense physical talents-struggle to string together more than a few balls.

And why? Why such disparity? How can something they make look so easy, so routine, be so damn difficult for the everyday player?

The answer is simple: practice. Not on miraculous triple-bank trick shots, but on the basic fundamentals of the game.... Stance. Grip. Bridge. Stroke. The foundation upon which every player's game sputters, dies, or magnificently blossoms.

Think of pool in the context of an equally skilled calling: the development of an aspiring concert pianist. Like a run of 200 balls, the most breathtaking melodies have emerged from the establishment of basic fundamentals.... Posture. Technique. Motor training and coordination. Decades of commitment. Musical absorption. Practicing the same scales in endless repetition, over and over again.

Thankfully, pool is not (quite) as demanding. Yet, becoming skilled in the basic fundamentals of pool is no less crucial than in any other highly skilled arena. People don't simply become champions overnight. Incredible feats in any sport are invariably the result of years and years of training.

Granted, not every pool player aspires to be a champion. But most, if not all, would be greatly encouraged if their game showed continued improvement. God knows, practicing the basics-in anything-can be pretty damn boring. But once they become engrained, every aspect of your game-from applying english, to positional play-will be simplified. The fundamentals aren't merely prerequisites for improvement; they are the foundation upon which every player's game stands or falls. Without that foundation, even the world's greatest players would be little more than everyday strokers, struggling to set up their next shot.


The importance of a proper stance cannot be over-emphasized. When you have it, every aspect of your game becomes simplified. You are comfortable, relaxed, firm on your feet and, above everything else-well-balanced.


The proper grip of a pool cue is not as obvious as it may seem. It is not a matter of merely grasping it somewhere on the butt end, and tightening the grip to maximize impact. If anything, the proper grip is one of delicacy and "lightness."



The difference between a good and an average pool player can often be traced to their respective hand bridges. When it comes to accuracy, nothing is more important than the firmness and steadiness of a player"s bridge.

   -  Closed Or Standard Closed Bridge
   -  Open Bridge
   -  Kinds of Bridges
   -  Mechanical Bridge


As important as your bridge, grip and stance are, your game will ultimately be determined by the quality of your stroke. A winning pool stroke should be straight, smooth, fluid and consistent.


Dominant Eye
Pool Shooting Tips for Beginners

What the hell is wrong with me? How did I miss that shot? Why do I always have a problem cutting a ball to the right and not the left? What"s wrong with my eyes? Does any of the above sound familiar? Has any on ever told you that you put English on the ball and you thought you were shooting center?


Practice each of the following steps as individual steps. Once you master each step, you will be on your way to playing pool