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  Intermediate Wakeboard Trick Descriptions - Part I

Rider slides sideways on the crest of wake (1 sec. min.)

Category: Intermediate
Point Value: 100

Tip on performing this trick: The Lipslide looks really cool and isn't really hard to do. If you can do tricks like a Sideslide or a Surface 180 you should be able to do this one. Position yourself on or very near the crest of the wake. Do a Sideslide while the board cuts the very top of the wake. Doing this forward and backward is good practice and also a good trick to learn balance.

Off the wake 180
Rider uses boat wake (no air) to change direction

Category: Intermediate
Point Value: 150

Tip on performing this trick: This trick reminds us a lot like surfing (of course the wave is a LOT smaller). Ride up the wake, at the very top do your 180 and ride revert back down. This trick can be seen as a combination of Surf the Wake, Surface 180, and a Lipslide.

Reverse Sideslide (touch water)
Sideslide w/ back towards boat, hand touching water

Category: Intermediate
Point Value: 150

Tip on performing this trick: We know you've seen one of these before- usually done through a bunch of lilly pads?? Spraying leaves and water all over the place?? Makes great video footage! So the Reverse Sideslide is basically the opposite of a regular Sideslide- but instead you will be digging in your toes and trying not to catch your heelside edge. It works better if you keep you head up looking back and not down at the water. By choice or by reaction, try reaching down and touch the water. What do you call a Reverse Face Plant - a HeadSlam?? or how about a NumbSkull!!

Air 180 (1 wake)
Rider uses wake to get into air and then changes direction

Category: Intermediate
Point Value: 200

Tip on performing this trick: Approach the wake at a comfortable speed. Generate some pop to you can level out in the air and make your 180 turn. Make sure you are in the air when you turn otherwise the landing is more difficult and will feel off-balance.

Backside Air (2 wakes)
Heelside air, rider uses wake and must clear both wakes

Category: Intermediate
Point Value: 200

Tip on performing this trick: Getting air enough to cross both wakes and then some has a lot to do with your edging all the way through the wake... right as you approach the crest of the wake, most people ease up the pull and flatten out- not good. By easing up, you take away most of that tension the rope has built up and significantly lessens that force that pops you into the air. Keep in mind, your maximum speed should be at the TOP of the wake- not as you first make the cut or anytime during the cut. Best approach is to make a gradual turn into your carve, dig that edge in as you build up speed toward the wake, spring with your legs when you reach the wake and hold on until you're in the air.

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