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2-03-2004 - Formula one: The ice man cometh, fast and Finnish
Kimi Raikkonen appears a little underdressed when he is not wearing his new McLaren MP4-19. In mufti he is about as exciting as the drizzle-damp Woking afternoon.
27-02-2004 - Obituary: Bob Marshall, Australia"s world master of amateur billiards
Bob Marshall, arguably the finest amateur in the history of billiards, whose extraordinary career brought him two empire, two world and 21 Australian amateur titles, has died at the age of 93. His championships spanned half a century, albeit interrupted by two retirements of five and 15 years. They began with his Australian and empire wins in 1936, at the age of 26, and went on until his 21st Australian title, at the age of 76.
25-02-2004 - Cricket: Quicks hold Caribbean key
The rain that swashed down on the England team"s hotel here yesterday afternoon may be a world away from the weather they will anticipate when they land in Jamaica late this evening. But it did little to dampen the enthusiasm or optimism.
24-02-2004 - Horse racing: McCoy back in the saddle tomorrow
The champion jump jockey Tony McCoy is to return to action at Ludlow tomorrow, just nine days after fracturing his cheekbone in three places.
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Outdoor Activities // Air // Base Jumping // Rules of the Air
Rules of the Air

Learn from the mistakes of others. You won"t live long enough to make all of them yourself.

Outdoor Activities // Earth // Billiards // Pool School // Bridges

The difference between a good and an average pool player can often be traced to their respective hand bridges. When it comes to accuracy, nothing is more important than the firmness and steadiness of a player"s bridge.

Outdoor Activities // Mountains // Mountaineering // Training For Mountaineering // Climbing-gym exercises
Climbing-gym exercises

"To be a good climber, or to improve, you have to climb more than once a week," they say. These moves aren"t meant to be performed sequentially. Instead, incorporate one of them-with the noted exception-into each of your warm-ups.

Unusual hobbies // The history of contemporary body piercing // Nose Piercings: Healing and Aftercare
Nose Piercings: Healing and Aftercare

One of the most common "old World" piercings to become popular in the Western world is the nose piercing. Most often, this is a piercing made somewhere along the curve of the nostril rim on either the left or right side as the wearer chooses. Nose piercings can take from between six and twelve weeks to heal.

Outdoor Activities // Water // Boats and Yachts // What is a Sport boat?
What is a Sport boat?

If you can ask a room full of sailors the question "What is a Sport boat", you will get a different answer from each one...It can become a pretty emotional issue for some people, depending on whether you own a sport boat or are racing against one.

Outdoor Activities // Earth // Billiards

We are unable even to state when or where the game was born. The French word "Bille", meaning a ball, could provide the first syllable of the word "Billiards". Charles Cotton, author of "The Complete Gamester" in 1674 suggests both Spain and Italy.

Outdoor Activities // Mountains // Biking // A few assorted "Heath Robinson" tips & tricks
A few assorted "Heath Robinson" tips & tricks

Expensive transparent protection stickers catch dirt around the edges, and unless you fit them direct to a new frame, you can still see the paint damage through them! Stones can chip right through insulation tape and it falls off at the merest hint of WD40. The best anti-stone chip protection is black "cloth" tape.

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