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2-03-2004 - Formula one: The ice man cometh, fast and Finnish
Kimi Raikkonen appears a little underdressed when he is not wearing his new McLaren MP4-19. In mufti he is about as exciting as the drizzle-damp Woking afternoon.
27-02-2004 - Obituary: Bob Marshall, Australia"s world master of amateur billiards
Bob Marshall, arguably the finest amateur in the history of billiards, whose extraordinary career brought him two empire, two world and 21 Australian amateur titles, has died at the age of 93. His championships spanned half a century, albeit interrupted by two retirements of five and 15 years. They began with his Australian and empire wins in 1936, at the age of 26, and went on until his 21st Australian title, at the age of 76.
25-02-2004 - Cricket: Quicks hold Caribbean key
The rain that swashed down on the England team"s hotel here yesterday afternoon may be a world away from the weather they will anticipate when they land in Jamaica late this evening. But it did little to dampen the enthusiasm or optimism.
24-02-2004 - Horse racing: McCoy back in the saddle tomorrow
The champion jump jockey Tony McCoy is to return to action at Ludlow tomorrow, just nine days after fracturing his cheekbone in three places.
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Outdoor Activities // Mountains // Biking // 2003 Mountain Bike Reviews
2003 Mountain Bike Reviews

Imagine getting to ride all the coolest new mountain bikes for 2003 in one day, on one big technical trail network. Walk up to the company"s booth, hand them a claim check and off you go. It"s a bit of heaven for a product tester, and at Interbike it"s known as the "On Dirt Demo."

Outdoor Activities // Earth // Fencing // Weapons Overview
Weapons Overview

Foil, epee, and sabre are the three weapons used in the sport of fencing. While it is not unusual for fencers to compete in all three events, they generally choose to develop their skills in one weapon.

Unusual hobbies // The History of Tattooing // Statistics Show Lower Hepatitis Risk in Tattoo Shops than in Dentists" offices
Statistics Show Lower Hepatitis Risk in Tattoo Shops than in Dentists" offices

The health risks associated with commercial tattooing are often exaggerated when individuals or groups mount campaigns to prohibit the opening of a community"s first tattoo shop, according to news accounts from across the U.S.

Outdoor Activities // Air // Bangee Jumping // Keeping the reins on bungee jumping
Keeping the reins on bungee jumping

Bungee jumping has been the pursuit of adventure sports enthusiasts and holiday daredevils for more than a decade. In that time thousands of thrill seekers have happily thrown themselves off towering bridges and cranes, attached to a mere piece of elastic, in the name of charity or simply for fun.

Outdoor Activities // Earth // Cricket

Cricket-a game unfamiliar to many Americans, is a summer sport popular in Australasia, the Indian Subcontinent, Southern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the West Indies and Britain. It is a game which requires precision in timing, skill, discipline and patience.

Outdoor Activities // Air // Parachuting // Head-up Flying For Beginners // Parachuting - The Basics
Parachuting - The Basics

Jumping out of a plane. You either love the idea or you don"t. This is the sport for the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. If it peaks your interest you should give it a try. Most people that try it only end up taking one or two jumps. They view it more of a one-time carnival ride and never pursue parachuting as a regular sport.

Outdoor Activities // Mountains // Mountaineering // Who can go trekking?
Who can go trekking?

Everyone can go trekking but it"s a good idea to plan your trek according to your level of fitness and experience. This is easy to do as we tailor each holiday pack to suite your requirements.

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