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Undestanding the game of baseball
How to read a baseball box score

Baseball is known as "America"s national pastime", and has been played for more than 150 years now, thanks to a West Point Cadet by the name of Abner Doubleday who is credited with having invented the game in the year of 1839.

   -  The History of Baseball Bats


No matter which newspaper you read in the morning, you will find baseball box scores with numerous abbreviations. What used to be "R," "H," and "E" for "Runs," "Hits," and "Errors" is now much more elaborate. While box scores in each newspaper may be slightly different in how much information they have, here are many of the abbreviations you will find and what they all mean.


How Aggressive Should a Baseball Player Be?
The Five Essentials of Infield Play

One of the established traits that indicates a person is likely to be a successful athlete is the degree to which he is aggressive. However, it is important to understand what being appropriately aggressive means, because "being too aggressive" is often a description indicating a problem player.


Baseball is a repetitious sport, and a good work ethic and practice regimen are the only ways to become truly proficient in certain areas. Every infielder must take pride in his craft. Becoming proficient in these areas will allow him to further his mental and physical abilities.


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