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As winter sets in, and the weather forecasters start calling for snow, the thoughts of many recreational athletes turn to alpine events, especially skiing. But for some weekend warriors, winter sports means only one thing: snowboarding. Combining the fluid grace of surfing with the jump and spin techniques of skateboarding, snowboarding is a rush that has to be experienced. A few things to know before you go.

   -  A Beginner"s Guide To Snowboarding
   -  The First Time: A Girls" Guide
   -  Why Take A Snowboard Lesson?
   -  Cold Nose, Cold Toes
   -  What to Wear to Tear: The Secret to Layering


Climbing requires strength & endurance. Being in sound physical condition is the single most important aspect for climbers to maximize their climbing potential. The better your physical condition, the more likely you are to perform well and have an enjoyable experience. The most frequent comment we have received over the years is that climbers have underestimated the fitness level needed to fully enjoy their climb.

   -  Training For Mountaineering
   -  Alaska Range
   -  Who can go trekking?
   -  Looking inside first aid kits
   -  What is Winter Climbing?



First, honestly assess your abilities and interests by answering the following questions: Is this your first time rafting or are you an old river rat looking for new rivers? Are you a thrill seeker or are you a bit timid when you try something new?

   -  Get Ready for Rafting Trips
   -  Gearing Up For Whitewater
   -  How to Run a River
   -  Whitewater Rafting in Thailand


Why would anyone want to ride for six hours when there are so many easier ways to have fun on a mountain bike? You could spend a couple of hours on a way-marked singletrack, or go jumping down at your local bombholes. What is the point of slogging it out for several hours miles from civilisation?

   -  Why Ride an Epic?
   -  Organising an Offroad Adventure
   -  A few assorted "Heath Robinson" tips & tricks
   -  Englands Highest Bridleway, a ride above the clouds.
   -  Training tips