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Tips on bowling
How to choose a bowling ball with the right weight

Bowling is a sport where, occasionally, amateurs perform as well as the pros. With a little training, even the beginner can improve his or her score. These tips will get you started on your way toward a higher bowling score. These tips are mainly designed for the bowler who does not have a hook on their ball, and whose ball is dropped in the center of the lane.


Fred Flintstone"s favorite sport was bowling and the game may well have dated to the stone age. Marble skittles were unearthed in a child"s grave from Egypt 5000 years before the birth of Christ and a wide assortment of stone bowling balls are known to the sport"s historians. Although the object of bowling today - knock down the pins - hasn"t changed in millennia, the bowling ball certainly has.


Why We Oil Bowling Lanes
Targetting Systems

A heavy object dropped on the floor creates a force, a big force: did you know that a 16lb bowling ball hits the lane with a force of over 2000lb per square inch - ouch! So proprietors put a conditioner on the lanes to reduce the friction and to protect them. It"s as simple as that. But oil can be placed on the lane in different ways ("patterns") and a skilled bowler with the knowledge to adjust the line will score more than their opponent.


Strikes and Spares: the scoring systems rewards them with bonus points, so you want to find a strike line and make all spares you leave. You can do this by guessing and experience, but there are better ways that work very well.


Why throw a Hook Ball?
Three Different Bowling Techniques

Anyone can throw a ball straight down the lane and you can get a strike, but this style of play will limit most people to a 180 average. Throwing a hook ball is one way of scoring more.


The Cranker gets "maximum" power on the ball. Revs, lots of revs! He (and they usually are men, young men) will stand deep inside and send the ball swinging out on the "scenic route" before it comes screeming back to desimate the pins.


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