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Training For Mountaineering
Alaska Range

Climbing requires strength & endurance. Being in sound physical condition is the single most important aspect for climbers to maximize their climbing potential.

   -  Climbing-gym exercises
   -  Mountaineering Top Tips
   -  Rock Climbing and Risk


The Alaska Range is home to Denali(20,320") the highest mountain in North America. Denali has numerous vast glaciers that flow down to an altitude of 2000", creating over 18,000" of glaciated terrain and the highest relief from top to bottom of any mountain in the world.

   -  The North Cascades
   -  Everest: The Facts


Who can go trekking?
Looking inside first aid kits

Everyone can go trekking but it"s a good idea to plan your trek according to your level of fitness and experience. This is easy to do as we tailor each holiday pack to suite your requirements.

   -  What to Take
   -  Altitude Sickness (AMS)


Several studies have been published in recent years, which examine and better define the first aid needs and health issues of backcountry travelers. One study, a field survey accessing the risk of injury and illness of backcountry hikers in Yosemite National Park and published in the Journal of Wilderness Medicine found that 15% of backpackers had to shorten their intended trip at one time or another because of a medical reason.


What is Winter Climbing?
Styles of Rock Climbing

Ask this question of any winter climber and you will receive a variety of answers. Whatever the rationale it will be given in an enthusiastic and animated manner with a feverish, almost maniacal glint, in the respondent"s eyes. Winter climbing means many things to many climbers, but the constant is the intenseness and immediacy of the experience it can provide.

   -  Styles of Winter Climbing


Rock climbing involves coordinated and controlled movement using the natural features on the surface of the rock. At times the climber will have to work out which holds to use, the sequence to use them in and then perform that series of moves.


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