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   - Windsurfing
   - Canoeing & Kayaking
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   - Parachuting
   - Paragliding
   - Base Jumping
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Boats and Yachts

If you can ask a room full of sailors the question "What is a Sport boat", you will get a different answer from each one...It can become a pretty emotional issue for some people, depending on whether you own a sport boat or are racing against one.

   -  What is a Sport boat?
   -  Boats
   -  Sportyachts
   -  Yachts


Land is where we human beings are accustomed to being. And because we are here everyday, we have come to like having our feet firmly planted on the ground with our heads up and our hair dry. So why scuba dive when the possibilities on land seem endless?

   -  Why Dive?
   -  Why Buy Gear?
   -  How to Photograph Blue-Banded Gobies
   -  Cave and Cavern Diving


Water Skiing

Water skiing was invented in the United States in 1922 when Minnesotan Ralph Samuelson built the first pair of skis and was towed on them behind an outboard-powered boat. What Samuelson originated became an exhibition sport on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1920s and early 1930s.

   -  Water skiing - The Beginning
   -  Wakeboarding - Getting Started Made Easy
   -  Beginner Wakeboard Trick Descriptions
   -  Intermediate Wakeboard Trick Descriptions


Windsurfing is an amazingly young sport. Its roots are easily traced back to the garages of two Southern Californians. Jim Drake, a sailor, and Hoyle Schweitzer, a surfer, got together and thought about what could be...

   -  Windserfing History
   -  Many Aspects of Windserfing
   -  Windserfing Glossary
   -  Beach Starts and Water Starts


Canoeing & Kayaking

The canoe is one of the oldest forms of transportation, probably second only to the raft. Dugout canoes were being manufactured at least 8,000 years ago. But lighter, more maneuverable canoes were developed much more recently in North America by covering a frame with animal skins, fabric, or bark.

   -  Canoeing History
   -  The Perfect Day - Kayaking
   -  Sea Kayaking - Which Paddle?
   -  Sea Kayaking
   -  Have A Canoeing Adventure!


You know how you hear a little bit of this, a little bit of that, an offhand comment in the hallway at a sports show? And how, after a few years, they come together somehow to form a link? For all of us, fishing is a lifetime study, both fascinating and frustrating.

   -  Do We Get What We Ask For From The fish?
   -  The Challenge Of Cold Weather Fishing
   -  The "Perfect" Fishing Day?
   -  Hot Bait For Hot Weather!