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Why Dive?
Why Buy Gear?

Land is where we human beings are accustomed to being. And because we are here everyday, we have come to like having our feet firmly planted on the ground with our heads up and our hair dry. So why scuba dive when the possibilities on land seem endless?

   -  Scuba in Aruba
   -  Virgin Shipwreck Diving -The Chikuzen
   -  Wrecks in the wrong place - The wreck of the Maidan


Scuba diving, like many recreational activities, is equipment intensive. Recreational diving has grown from an obscure sport practiced by a small band of youthful and athletic adventurers into an activity enjoyed by millions around the world in all kinds of water. Increasingly sophisticated and reliable equipment, and the training to use it properly, are largely responsible for that growth.

   -  How to Use Less Air: Strategies, Tips, and One Opinion
   -  Diving Glossary


How to Photograph Blue-Banded Gobies
Cave and Cavern Diving

California underwater photographers are always looking for bright colors to shoot against the muted greens, blues, grays, and browns of the reef and water. The striking contrasts make for excellent images. In Southern California waters one of the most brightly colored fish is the blue-banded goby.


According to the old saying, "Curiosity killed the cat." The same holds true for open-water divers who swim into flooded caverns and caves beyond the limits of their gear and abilities.

   -  Kick the Habit
   -  Spring, Cavern and Cave: What"s the Difference?


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