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Roller skates are a sports equipment which make it possible to move forward by means of wheels which are part of a mechanism fastened to the shoes. Since their invention in the 18th Century their appearance and function has not essentially changed.

   -  The Roller Skate
   -  How Much Do Pro Skaters Make?
   -  Skateboarding safety
   -  The Ollie


Paintball is somewhat like war except in war when you get shot or hit by a grenade or bullet it hurts just a little more. The strategy is really important. Many paintball games are modeled after real wars or battles.

   -  What is Paintball?
   -  Basic Rules of Paintball - General Rules
   -  What Should I Buy?



How strange it seems, exploring this world of mysterious shades, due to the absence of light and wind. Caverns and caves are refuges charged with enormous cultural and historical wealth, and have become favorite places for all those who like to lift the veil of the hidden and ignored.

   -  Speleology
   -  Classification of Caves
   -  Gear
   -  Survival in a Cave


The sport of fencing is experiencing a nationwide revival. This effort comes on the heels of a recent attempt to ban the sport form Olympic competition. The sport has also suffered from an image problem of late. Many Americans have classified the sport as violent and elitist.

   -  History of Fencing - Where did it start?
   -  Weapons Overview


Equestrian Sport

A better understanding of a horse"s mind can lead to more effective training methods. If everybody knew that horses learn by association, no horse would ever be whipped again; and if every rider understood that herd instinct of the horse, more time and patience would be given to timid horses.

   -  Facts of Horses
   -  Breeds of Horses
   -  Tips for beginners - Achieving the seat


Baseball is known as "America"s national pastime", and has been played for more than 150 years now, thanks to a West Point Cadet by the name of Abner Doubleday who is credited with having invented the game in the year of 1839.

   -  Undestanding the game of baseball
   -  How to read a baseball box score
   -  How Aggressive Should a Baseball Player Be?
   -  The Five Essentials of Infield Play



A highly skilled player could go out and shoot a very good score with just about any set of golf clubs. They have enough feel and experience to make adjustments and adapt to the performance differences between clubs quickly.

   -  Equipment
   -  Warm Up Exercises
   -  Playing On The Green
   -  Object Of The Game
   -  Golf Balance


Fred Flintstone"s favorite sport was bowling and the game may well have dated to the stone age. Marble skittles were unearthed in a child"s grave from Egypt 5000 years before the birth of Christ and a wide assortment of stone bowling balls are known to the sport"s historians. Although the object of bowling today - knock down the pins - hasn"t changed in millennia, the bowling ball certainly has.

   -  Tips on bowling
   -  How to choose a bowling ball with the right weight
   -  Why We Oil Bowling Lanes
   -  Targetting Systems
   -  Why throw a Hook Ball?



Cricket-a game unfamiliar to many Americans, is a summer sport popular in Australasia, the Indian Subcontinent, Southern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the West Indies and Britain. It is a game which requires precision in timing, skill, discipline and patience.

   -  Rules for cricket
   -  Batting: Forward-foot defence
   -  Bowling: Right arm Fast
   -  Fielding Postions
   -  Dismissals: Methods of Dismissal


We are unable even to state when or where the game was born. The French word "Bille", meaning a ball, could provide the first syllable of the word "Billiards". Charles Cotton, author of "The Complete Gamester" in 1674 suggests both Spain and Italy.

   -  The History of the Sport
   -  Equipment
   -  Rules
   -  Pool School