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Get Ready for Rafting Trips
Gearing Up For Whitewater

First, honestly assess your abilities and interests by answering the following questions: Is this your first time rafting or are you an old river rat looking for new rivers? Are you a thrill seeker or are you a bit timid when you try something new?


Match a cloudy, cool day-pretty typical for spring, when the rafting is best--with icy torrents of water cascading over you and pooling at your feet, and your concept of "cold" will leap into a whole new dimension. However, you can stay warm and enjoy every minute of the wild adventure if you bring the right combination of high performance apparel.


How to Run a River
Whitewater Rafting in Thailand

Gather your gear together. At a minimum, this means a paddle, helmet, lifejacket, and clothing. Any more means a map, sprayskirt, and shoes. If it"s multi-day, throw in your toothbrush.


Thailand is a tropical country that boasts of its luscious rainforest, and the mountain streams running through the forests in all regions. These streams diverse their courses through the forest, some part so wild they become rapid and at some point, become mild and gentle stream.


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