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Head-up Flying For Beginners
The Cultural Meaning of Freeflight

If you want to start freeflying, most people will give the same advice: master head-up flying first. Head-up is initially easier than head-down as there are no orientation problems and most FS jumpers have tried it before.

   -  Parachuting - The Basics


The human being"s evolution against the one of other life forms, can be conceived as some sort of liberation process from natural immediate needs and from instinctive behavior. In this perspective, human evolution is intended to be the conquest of how one relates to and experiences reality, through knowledge.


Flying School
Fun Jumps - Making the Most of Your Skydive

Now that you"re hooked, you need to get thoroughly trained. It"s not cheap, but it"s worth it. Besides, there are more expensive sports. There are four levels of licensing, Class A to Class D.


For many years now freefall relative work has been the most common form of skydiving we do and is being practiced almost everywhere. The friendship and comaraderie it has produced has extended around the world.


Skydiving From Space
Safety Tips

Rodd Milner is taking extreme sports to a whole new level, or to be precise, a whole new atmosphere. Forget about all those pansy sports like bungy jumping, luge racing and mountain climbing - this guy is planning a sky dive from space!


Relative work is a large part of many jumper"s skydiving career. Each jumper acquires skills that enable him to perform RW. Skills are directly related to tasks on a dive. Diving skills are acquired by doing diving slots.

   -  Avoiding Canopy Collisions
   -  Don"t Think About Pink Elephants
   -  The Hierarchy
   -  What To Do When The Wind Picks Up


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