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  KiteSurf Equipment

Starters List

The following checklist is recommended equipment for your first kiteboarding experience:

Water Launchable Kite
Lei (Leading edge Inflatable) kite, such as the Wipika or Naish. Or Closed cell ram air, such as Flysurfer or Windtools kites and Not forgetting the famous Blade, which will sink like a brick but will send you flying like no other kite.................

Directional, TwinTip, Mutant or Wake Board.

Nearly all Kite Surfing Flying Lines are 'Spectra' fiber. This is a strong thin material with very little stretch. In general, line length for flying traction kites over water is 120 feet. All kites will have a recommended length and it is important to remember that whether 2 line or 4 line, they should be equal.

Control bar (with wrist leash)
The Control Bar or Boom is the simplest system for 2 line use. If you're getting into Kite Boarding and have Windsurfing or Wakeboarding experience, you'll most likely be used to a boom. If you have a lot of Kite Traction experience you'll know the benefits of using a 4 line kite. It is worth noting that a 4 line kite is much more controllable and therefore will be much more maneuverable on the water. Whether you choose 2 or 4 line, you will need a srrop to connect the Bar or Control Handles to your harness.

Harness and harness line
This will take the pull of the kite through your body rather than your arms alone. A harness for Kite Boarding is similar to a Windsurfing harness. The connection from bar or handles to the harness should be 'open'. This means it shouldn't be permanently attached so that you're able to release the connection between kite and harness in case of difficulty.

Life Jacket
Not only does it keep you afloat, it protects you in a crash and helps you to water start. You may dump your kite far from the shore which would result in along swim!

A lightweight helmet is recommended in case you make contact with your board in a crash.

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