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What is origami?


Подпись к картинке

Origami, the Japanese name for the art of paper folding, comes from the Japanese verb oru (to fold) and the noun kami (paper). The word "origami" is now commonly used around the world. A finished origami figure is called a model, the method for folding a model is called a design, and drawn instructions for a model is called a set of diagrams.      more..

Statistics Show Lower Hepatitis Risk in Tattoo Shops than in Dentists" offices

The health risks associated with commercial tattooing are often exaggerated when individuals or groups mount campaigns to prohibit the opening of a community"s first tattoo shop, according to news accounts from across the U.S.       more..

Tattoo After Care

Tattooing, a technique of marking the skin with colors, has been practiced since antiquity. Now this ancient art is enjoying a renaissance. Movie, television and sports stars have begun sporting Tattoos, and others are following their lead. We want your new Tattoo to turn out perfect for you to enjoy for years to come. So please follow our recommendations for the proper care of your new Tattoo.       more..

Does it hurt?

This is usually the first question that most people ask before getting a tattoo. The short answer is "Yes, it does hurt." However, the real question to ask is "How much does it hurt?"       more..

The History of Tattooing
tattoo history1

The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian tatu meaning "to mark something". The art of tattooing itself is surrounded by a great deal of controversy. It is claimed that it dates back to around 12,000 BC. Throughout its history, the purpose of tattooing has varied from culture to culture.       more..

Nipple Piercing Led to Lactation

Add lactation to the list of potential hazards of body piercing. Doctors in Boston report that a young woman began producing milk, apparently because her nipple rings stimulated her breasts into thinking she was nursing.       more..

The Hazards Of Body Piercing

Venerable organizations--American Academy of Dermatology, American Dental Association--frown upon the popular practice of piercing. And the American Medical Association goes as far as considering some forms of body piercing, as illegal surgery.      more..

Specific health hazards

One type of piercing - in the tongue - has raised the ire of the American Dental Association (ADA). Last year, the ADA roundly criticized oral piercings, including those on lips, cheeks, and particularly the tongue.      more..

Tongue Piercings

Many facial piercings are more contemporary in nature, and the tongue piercing fall into this category as well. You don"t see this piercing in tribal cultures, you see it being worn by middle-class American college students, rock musicians and porn stars. For some people this is an easy piercing and for others it can be difficult.      more..


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